Monday, August 28, 2023

Neo Health Part of B20 Summit Delegation

Neo Health (OTC) Managing Director Aman Madan participated in the B20 summit held in New Delhi, India on 25th-27th August 2023. He was part of the Australian delegation that contributed to the global economic dialogue, adding the perspective of the pharmaceutical industry to help formulate strategic economic policies.

This year’s theme was Responsible, Accelerated, Innovative, Sustainable, Equitable (R.A.I.S.E) Businesses. R.A.I.S.E is rooted in the belief that the G20 business community should raise the bar for equitable growth by committing to business practices that are responsible and grounded in sustainable practices.

In addition to a special session with Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, the event also witnessed attendance from distinguished speakers and guests from G20 nations.

About B20: 

The Business 20 (B20) is the official G20 dialogue forum with the global business community. Established in 2010, B20 is among the most prominent Engagement Groups in G20, with companies and business organizations as participants. 

The B20 aims to deliver concrete actionable policy recommendations on priorities by each rotating presidency to spur economic growth and development. The B20 bases its work on Task Forces (TFs) and Action Councils (ACs) entrusted to develop consensus-based policy recommendations to the G20 and to international organizations and institutions.

B20 2023 report can be found here.

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