Taking your product ideas from concept to shelf

Neo Health (OTC)’s visionary leadership and industry-leading research & development provides unparalleled innovation that offers our clients the latest in new medications and medical devices available to expand and enhance their product portfolios.

Our expert team has the experience to forecast the market’s future product needs and provide gap analysis and recommendations. Whether it’s adding one product to fill the gap in your range, or creating a whole new range to allow you to grow your market share, Neohealth (OTC) are your go-to partners.

Our dedicated team can provide everything from portfolio advice to new formulation development, profiling, studies, testing and validations, with unique processes in place that ensure seamless delivery at every stage.

Our global and local network of manufacturing partners guarantee that our products meet the highest standards, and our state-of-the-art logistics and supply chain capabilities ensure your products arrive on time, every time.

We build your business with innovative ideas, breakthrough research, the power to overcome formulation difficulties and the ability to bring high-quality products to market faster than ever.

01. Portfolio Advisory

Unlock your portfolio’s future potential. Our expert team offers strategic over-the-counter portfolio planning and gap analysis, providing recommendations to forecast future product ranges. Trust our visionary leadership and industry-leading research & development for unparalleled innovation.

02. IP Services

Intelligent patent strategies that ensure speed to market

Neo Health (OTC) understands that being one of the first to enter any new market is a huge part of any successful strategy.

Our advanced patent strategies are fully comprehensive and address patent issues from inception to product release and beyond.

Time and again, our expert team has proven that while others may struggle with niche and difficult molecules, we have the knowledge to find a solution that will position your brand as a true market leader. With our finger on the pulse of market needs and trends, we are at the forefront when it comes to producing commercially feasible, stable, non-infringing bio-equivalents of the most in-demand formulations.

03. Research & Development

Maximise your market power, minimise your risk.

Harnessing the power of Research & Development is a key factor in determining your success.

The combination of Neo Health (OTC)’s proven superiority and reputation in this field, our collaborations with the world’s best laboratories and our visionary R&D leadership expertise puts you ahead of your competition from the get-go.

04. Regulatory

At Neo Health (OTC), we know the importance of making sure your products are compliant with the strict Australian regulations. That’s why all our products are TGA and/or Medsafe approved, registered and listed, ready to go to market. We do the hard work and eliminate the risks associated with adding a product to your portfolio.

05. Manufacturing

Whatever the challenge, we make it happen. No matter what you want to create, our global development and manufacturing capabilities can do it – and do it like no other.

We have the capacity to accelerate your success by offering quick manufacturing turnarounds for virtually any custom formulation without compromising on quality or price.

That’s why Neo Health (OTC) are game-changers when it comes to high quality, affordability, speed and marketing expertise in all areas of your manufacturing needs.

We work in collaboration with your team to design, formulate, manufacture and package your products to elevate your brand and make a powerful imprint on the market.

06. Quality Assurance

Neo Health (OTC) is an independent, Australian-owned company with the purpose of providing patients and customers with high-quality and affordable OTC products – on time, every time – with a focus on safety and efficiency. With an established network of local and global suppliers and manufacturers we have the ability to deliver both the value of generics and the innovation of new medicines.

Consistent high quality is critical to ensure your business performance and growth. We strive to maintain consistently high standards and processes in order to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

07. Logistics

Get on board a faster, more efficient supply chain. As soon as your product is ready to go, so are we. Neo Health (OTC) has game-changing logistical systems in place to ensure your product hits the shelves as fast as possible. Actioning our vast global network and distribution channels gives you the power to capture more market share, faster than ever before.

Grow your portfolio and market share