Our mission

To be the largest over-the-counter (OTC) products provider for all therapeutic categories, across multiple channels and global markets to help people live healthier, happier lives.

Leverage our experience

When you partner with Neo Health (OTC), everything you need to maximise your success is all under the one roof.

Experience, innovation, leadership and a proven track record spanning over 25 years; these are at the heart of our success and the reason why major Pharmaceutical Companies, Pharmacy Chains and Grocery Retailers choose to partner with Neo Health (OTC).

Visionary leadership

At the helm of Neo Health (OTC) is respected visionary Aman Madan, who, with over 25 years of local and international experience leads a team of dedicated experts in their fields.

Aman is an experienced company director with demonstrated expertise in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Negotiation, Customer Service, Coaching and Strategic Planning, and he is a sought-after advisor and prominent figure in the pharmaceutical industry internationally. He has been advising the industry for decades, with many products in market across the world. Aman’s foresight and established reputation for forecasting future market needs and trends is what sets Neo Health (OTC) apart from the rest.

Aman’s vision is to provide everyday people with access to quality and affordable healthcare products and he is a leading product provider for all therapeutic categories, across multiple channels to help people around the world live healthier, happier lives.

Neo Health’s commitment to continued investment in research & development, provides global businesses with rapid growth opportunities, more choice, greater value and faster access to the best over-the-counter, prescription and specialist pharmaceutical products available.

The Neo Health difference

We take a proactive approach to your business requirements, and our continued investment and focus on industry-leading research & development ensures we are at the forefront of innovation.

Working with the best for over 25 years

We’ve been working with major global pharmaceutical companies, local wholesalers, pharmacy chains and retailers for over two decades. We work as trusted partners, advisors and suppliers of quality products. Our advisory service is highly sought after and provides our clients with valuable insights to plan and build their product portfolios for today and tomorrow.

At Neo Health, we value HEALTH








We operate with integrity and candour.

By communicating openly with each other and our customers up front, we foster transparency.

We honour our word and take accountability for our actions, holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards.


Excellence is our state of mind, and we practice it in all that we do.

With a focus on quality and accuracy, we are dedicated to creating better opportunities for our customers and delivering outstanding results.


We embrace change, moving quickly to help our customers launch relevant products into the market.

We are proactive in striving to be better each day, as we continually learn, improve, and evolve.


Through successful leadership, we are at the forefront of producing successful products for our customers.

Leading by example, inspiring, and energising one another to achieve goals, we are bold and advance confidently.


We work together with our customers as a team, collaborating with respect, trust, and support.

Building long lasting relationships with our customers, we help them to achieve their goals. We elevate our customers and one another.


We care about the happiness of our customers and one another.

Happiness is being passionate about our work and celebrating our customers’ wins. It is about sharing joy, gratitude, and creating a positive experience.

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