Tuesday, January 24, 2023

CEO Insights magazine interview with Aman Madan

Aman Madan: Building Opportunities With New-Age Technologies In Pharmaceuticals

The significance of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is hardly unfamiliar to the world, especially after the covid-19 pandemic. Responsible for saving millions of lives almost every day, the segment however has also some gaps pertaining to the availability of OTC products for the immediate needs, and when the patient requires it. It usually takes not less than 12- 24 months to get new products shelf ready. 

Fascinated by these challenges and being eager to offer end-to-end services to customers, Aman Madan channeled his entrepreneurial abilities to lay the foundation of Neo Health (OTC) in 2010. When the world succumbed to the wrath of the COVID-19, Aman leveraged his decades-long experience across the pharmaceutical industry to make the best out of existing opportunities and streamline his business process to get an edge over the competitors. Under Aman’s guidance and strategic leadership, Neo Health (OTC) has not only been able to dominate the Australian OTC drugs market, but is also exponentially growing to become one of the leading forces in the global pharmaceutical domain.

Read the excerpt of Aman’s interview with CEO Insights magazine here.

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